Characteristics of our method

It is a new weighing system learning to student progression as fast and efficient as possible. We have developed a new work system that allows you to improve your technique or learn to play more easily. That this method is based: The system is based on memorising different strokes. Therefore, through a series of exercises you will get to learn the technique simply and memorise it forever. You will work with our special equipment that allows to work with the ball stop, which allows you to store properly the technical gesture. Also it serves to perfect the technique because it helps us focus only on the beat, without thinking about the ball. The different tools we use are designed to get the right feeling. When used we get our brains to assimilate the concept and submit the correct order to our limbs.

The method is based on objective, easy to get everyone, so that as we get an objective spent the next. We will be able to say that you will achieve the results after each session of each term or end of season. Tennis is a difficult and technical sport. If it fails to play minimally it may cause frustration, so you stop playing soon. It reduces frustration and improves your level quickly and progressively. All our beats method are studied from the point of view Biomechanical not to cause injury or long-term overloading the muscles. So our method suits anyone who wants to play tennis properly from the beginning and do not know how to hold the racquet until you want to improve your level in a fast, comfortable and above all permanently.


Problem of teaching tennis; results of years of research in the basic courts lead us to analyse and try to solve the various problems of learning tennis for students and schools. TRANSMISSION OF KNOWLEDGE THE TEACHER. The teacher has to transmit not only good, but also the student must capture that transmission.

Not all teachers have the same capacity to transmit. Our method facilitates communication between student and teacher, as it simplifies the teaching concepts and summarises the most important. If the concepts are clearly defined in a way clearly scheduled, it will be easier learning. COMMUNICATION STUDENT BRAIN TO DIFFERENT PARTS OF YOUR BODY not always the student is able to understand and execute our orders, not because they want to but because he can not interpret.

Sometimes, although the teacher knows convey the message correctly, the student often is not able to assimilate the concepts, since a large part of the court is based on feelings. If the student does not have the right feel, you can not run the blow properly. So our method works with special tools designed to facilitate this key aspect in the development of the player.

UNIFICATION OF CRITERIA BETWEEN TECHNICIANS SAME SCHOOL all schools and clubs looking to consolidate this point, but few succeed. We guarantee due to the simplicity of all the concepts, all teachers from the same school unify criteria and teach in the same way if it’s methodology is followed. Only in this way we will make school tennis can grow evenly.

COORDINATION OF TECHNICAL GESTURE AND THE BOUNCE OF THE BALL tennis is a difficult sport to practice. The main challenge is to coordinate these two aspects: technical gesture and the bounce of the ball. Teaching the art of a stroke is relatively easy for any tennis coach. Apply this technique to a certain hit, where the novice student also has an additional problem as pot a ball that does not dominate at all (not dominate the ball reaction speed, height, etc.) is a very difficult task. Unless the student has a lot of coordination, in most cases we will fail to make incorrect repetitions of the same beat, which creates a problem for us at a technical level.


We create this method as the solution to all the problems we have encountered over these 30 years of work focused on the difficulties of teaching tennis. The essence of the method is to eradicate these problems looking for solutions that are easy to understand and run by students but above all, easy to transmit by the coaches.

We can say that this is a new modern system of work, based on the transmission of knowledge, that SIMPLIFIES THE MOST OF ALL THE CONCEPTS, GIVES WORK PATTERNS AND FACILITATES THE UNIFICATION OF CRITERIA including technicians, whose main features are: SIMPLICITY; It’s a very easy method to work for the coach, and very easy to assimilate by the student. Tennis is a very complex sport and we have to find ways to make it as simple as possible.

IT IS VERY PRACTICAL; with all the tools we use it makes it very easy to understand and start getting the feeling. AND IS VERY EFFECTIVE; the results are immediate. When working with our method correctly, the results are visible from the first session, and the students progression is much faster than with any other method.

In students six years, we get:
Our Philosophy is based on the student must perform repetitions of strokes correctly in order to memorise the gesture. If we make volume exercises at high speed, while the technical gesture all we get is not memorised is technically wrong to do many repetitions. Our method always works with few repetitions, but these are always executed correctly. Only in this way we guarantee a perfect technique in no time!